Diminutive Creatures

We share our world with far more living things than most human beings can comprehend.

Taking a moment to stop and look at all that encompasses our immediate place of residence can be a humbling experience.

Gardener’s easily become obsessed with plant acquisition.

Others try to encourage the creatures in their ecological community to share the space in which they garden.

I find myself doing both!

It is a labor of love to plant a particular species that I know will feed a caterpillar

or house a bird.

Gardens are not only created for their beauty – gardens are created to CELEBRATE life!


How many species are known to currently exist in the world.
Category Species Totals
Vertebrate Animals    
Mammals 5,490  
Birds 9,998  
Reptiles 9,084  
Amphibians 6,433  
Fishes 31,300  
Total Vertebrates   62,305
Invertebrate Animals    
Insects 1,000,000  
Spiders and scorpions 102,248  
Molluscs 85,000  
Crustaceans 47,000  
Corals 2,175  
Others 68,827  
Total Invertebrates   1,305,250
Flowering plants (angiosperms) 281,821  
Conifers (gymnosperms) 1,021  
Ferns and horsetails 12,000  
Mosses 16,236  
Red and green algae 10,134  
Total Plants   321,212
Lichens 17,000  
Mushrooms 31,496  
Brown algae 3,067  
Total Others   51,563
TOTAL SPECIES   1,740,330

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