A Field of White

Even within the sanctuary of my home the cacophony of cackling created by the flock resonated through my mind.  They were near, very near.

Looking through the trees it was not snow on the hillside but a thousand or more snow geese …..

….. foraging through what once was a field of corn looking for the last kernels …..

….. before taking flight on their long journey to their summer breeding grounds.

I could not resist.  I had to get closer.

As they took to the air the beating of their wings reverberated through every fiber of my being,

Whether it be a field of flowers or a field of geese, the beauty in their numbers is unsurpassed.


5 thoughts on “A Field of White

  1. This is a stunning sequence of photographs (I followed a comment on portraits of wild flowers blog). Congratulations. The flocking of birds in flight is something I keep coming back to in painting. I don’t recognise the species.

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