Pool Cover = Labyrinth

When I was told I had a present awaiting my arrival behind our home imagine my delight to find a discarded winter pool cover. And yes, I said delight!

For many years I had envisioned creating a labyrinth.  The mystic in me knew the space was sacred and would not be complete until a labyrinth was created.   In November of 2005 I had printed instructions from Geomancy.org on constructing a labyrinth.  I had my design in hand and all I needed to begin was a pool cover and rocks.

Drawing a labyrinth

Why the pool cover?

I’ve always believed in repurposing materials for my garden.  So instead of purchasing weed-blocking materials I thought a pool cover would work just as well. What I did not realize was it would take five years to acquire a 30 foot pool cover.

But there it was,  he had listened to every word and believed in my dream.

Not only did he surprise me with the cover, shortly thereafter he came home with a truckload of Belgium block purchased at a yard sale.

I took out my dowsing rods and walked the lower garden.

The co-creating began as the cover was unfolded,the blocks and quartz were put into place and the mulch added. 

Was this meant to be or synergy?

The labyrinth is now listed on The Labyrinth Society website under Labyrinth Locator.

If you are ever in the Lehigh Valley

of Pennsylvania

you are invited to come and walk

the labyrinth

or just sit awhile.



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