Squrriels and Chipmunks and Deer – oh no

Most every gardener has had to deal with their share of destruction due to the creatures with whom we share our garden spaces.

But to purposefully invite a potentially marauding hoard into your garden – I just can’t understand.  That being said, I know an individual’s perception of the world is entirely dependent upon a myriad of variables; genetics, environment and personality to name just a few.  And then there is gender. In my home the male and female mind never seem quite in sync.

So when I looked out the window to the lower garden  and saw a massive pile of straw my first inclination was to scream and ask,”what were you thinking!”.

But in an instant I regrouped and asked in a semi-calm voice, “Did you take the straw down back?”.  The answer was a resounding yes.  It seems he wanted to bring the deer closer to our home so we could enjoy their presence.

The straw would attract them to come in and bed down.  OK, bed down, but in my garden where my hostas are planted?  I know my plants are still covered by snow but if the deer become accustom to coming to our side of the stream we will be at war!

And then there is Maddie. 

Maddie, my little white Muppet of a dog who will run down back and eat and roll in whatever the deer leave behind!  I don’t mind deer in the woods, but please, not in my garden!  Fortunately, the point I tried to articulate in the calmest voice I could call upon at the moment was heard and acted upon.  The disconnect was a reconnect later that day.  When I looked out the window I was relieved to see almost all of the straw on the other side of the stream.

I know the deer will come,

I can only hope my sentry will keep them at bay!


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