The night the cat peed in the potted avocado was the night I was positive I would never garden again. 

After working a long day and coming home to smell that distinctive smell emanating from the pot in which my avocado grew, one by one my house plants ended up in the back yard and I might add, not in one piece!  As my family tried to console me I pushed them aside and locked myself in my bedroom.  Into the VCR I popped my garden tape.  As I watched the images from previous seasons of garden growth at the old house float by on that small screen – my heart was breaking. There were no flowers here, no garden beds or boarders, just trees and weeds and uneven spaces.  The view from every window was a reminder of what I had lost. 

I could not have been more wrong in my thinking! What began as my personal nightmare transformed into my personal dream.

Now when I look out the windows I see backdrops for sweeping garden portraits. I guess beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. See if you don’t agree!  Do you see the trees from the forest or the forest from the trees?  Enjoy!

The garden furniture was purchased for 35 dollars at a yard sale.  The mulch was free from the local city composting center.  The rocks were collected from the surrounding woods and the hostas were divided from plants rescued from the old house.  Gardens can be created using reclaimed and repurposed materials! 



One thought on “Meltdown

  1. I see the skill and tenderness of masterful hands, and the vision, beauty, and passion of a true garden soul fueled by the wonder of nature’s gifts.

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