Just Another Beautiful Day

As I walk through the gardens in the morning I wonder how to best share its transformation.

Road-side flower bed

Road-side flower bed, Golden Spirea, Catmint and Lamium, (Spotted Dead Nettle)

Just a few months ago the Dreamer was blanketed by snow and paths were non-existent. 

Stream-side path by the Labyrinth

Stream-side path by the Labyrinth Hostas, Hellebores and Weigela compliment a River Birch

Color now abounds,

Snap Dragon flowers covered with dew drops

Snap Dragon flowers covered with dew drops

birds sing and “creatures great and small” share this sacred space.

New-born American Robin s in the cryptomeria japonica

New-born American Robin s in the cryptomeria japonica

The Dilemma Of a Wildlife Photographer

Garter snake and American toad

In this heaven on earth, earth is the focus today. We are not corporeal creatures floating peacefully in some nether region. We are tied to this world into which we were born. We need sustenance to live and grow. To interrupt the cycle of life is to play God.

The beauty  of creation was the focus of my last post.  Today we see the reality of sustaining life.  We do not eat most of our food alive.  It is killed, cleaned and packed. Other creatures do not have this luxury.  This chance encounter has put into perspective the reality of the cycle of life for me.

Eastern Garter snake American toad

Is It a Leaf? No It’s a Walnut Sphinx Moth (or two)

Green and growing, that’s my mantra for  the spring season.  So a brown leaf on my newly planted River Birch caused concern.  As I ventured closer I was puzzled by the symmetry of the image.

Walnut Sphinx Moths

Closer yet,  my brain finally registered what I was seeing – pair of Walnut Sphinx moths engaged in creation.

Walnut Sphinx Moths 2

Click on this link to find out more about this cute couple! Butterflies of North America

Glorious Gardens

What is heaven?  Being raised in a culture  where we were taught all good people go to heaven, as a child I often visualized what my heaven would look like.  For years I thought it would be an expansive beach.  I would walk along the water’s edge picking up broken shells and putting them back together. 

Lover's Key  State Park Fort Myers Beach Florida

But as I’ve aged I now believe I have found heaven on earth. 

Bearded Iris and the Dreamer at the Labyrinth

It is a place where I toil from morning to evening co-creating a living canvas. 

Newest gardens at Labyrinth

Colors blend, creatures thrive and happiness abounds.

Pink Columbine and Wine and Roses Weigela

Pink Columbine and Wine and Roses Weigela


Jacob's Ladder flower

Turkey Vultures Down the Road

Not far from the family of fox photographed the beginning of the month a trio of Turkey Vultures braved strong wind gusts to bask in the mid-spring sun

Trio of Turkey Vultures


                      Interested in learning more?  Check out The Cornell Lab of Ornithology, All About Birds                                                 Just click on the link below

Turkey Vultures

Click here Turkey Vulture


Turkey Vulture ready to fly

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